Typical screen image

Clear desktop

Image at the left hand side presents typical screenshot of desktop computer with several applications opened.

If scrape is running and enabled, and default setting are used, mouse move shown by yellow arrow minimizes all applications. Exactly in the same way as pressing Windows-D  key combination on keyboard.

Now all applications are minimized. To restore screen,  repeat movement, similar to first (yellow arrow). Exactly as pressing  Windows-D next time.

Pay attention that all running applications are presented by buttons on bottom task bar.

Task bar with hidden applications

Movement in blue arrow manner does almost the same as in green but you will see blank taskbar (see image at the left hand side). Why? Because all running applications become hidden. To make them visible again just make movement shown by red arrow.

Moving in green arrow manner while right button pressed hides one application, determined from the end point of moving.  You can make hidden one selected application or hide them one by one. Similar movement while left mouse button is pressed restores hidden applications - one by one in opposite order.
How to remember these rules or  recall them? - Just right click on scrape icon on traybar and select "Quick Reference":

Application menu

Quick reference dialog

The described above is the idea. However scrape program can do a lot more. Using "Options" menu makes possible to assign command line to proper scratch and call your favorite program/s. Also it is possible to reprogram "scratch" properties reflecting your habits and making conflicts with other applications less possible. You can define minimal/maximal scratch length and duration customizing program to your habits you and/or  reprogram mouse buttons used for scratches. This can be very important. For instance, if your favorite game is Solitaire, you don't want  to recognize drag/drop cards as scratch. So, clear all assignments for scratches with left button down and assign them to right or middle button pressed scratches. Enjoy!

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