Page "Registry and Ini"

Page "Registry and Ini"

Many software applications need to modify registry settings on client's machine indicating the fact of installation, program state, main program folder, etc. Installer can set all these values if specified on this page.

There is no needing to make registry settings relevant to registration of extracted COM-servers. InstallItEasy checks each file if it is a COM-server and if "yes", it will be registered automatically. Correspondingly, uninstaller   will unregister them.

Though editor of registry settings looks very similar to system registry editor, there are some important differences. Below is screenshot of Name/Data edit dialog:

images/NameDataEdit.gif (6176 bytes)

Shown popup menu displays available predefined values. All except the last are symbolic names of directories on client's machine. The last one is "Date" value. Installer will substitute it by system date value at time of installation in standard format. This value can be used by installed application later or by generated setup itself. It will not start if it finds that current date is by specified in checkbox number of days later then found in registry. It makes easy to create installations that expire after some term. For this purpose "Delete..." checkbox should be unchecked. In this case uninstaller will not remove the specified key. If box is checked (default),  uninstaller will delete key/value if it was created during installation or restore their state on moment before installation otherwise.

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