Page "Files"

Page "Files"

Manage list of files included in project using Add File and Remove File buttons or by drag/drop method (recommended for big groups of files). Installer can create shortcut for any file in Windows/Start/Menu/Programs and one shortcut on Desktop. Each executable   can be associated with one or more file types so user will be able to open files of such types with associated application. Button Search/Replace is used for search/replace operations in list of files, Dependencies. pops static dependency checker. Studying dependencies decreases probability to miss vital files.

If "Create uninstaller" chekbox is checked, InstallitEasy will automatically create uninstaller to allow user to remove previously installed application via Add/Remove from Control Panel or executing uninstaller program explicitly.

Advanced users are welcome to utilize powerful  advanced features. On this page path to DLL, written in any language exporting functions used for advanced actions in "Before" and "After" pages can be defined.

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