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InstallitEasy Features

OS Platform:
  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

  • Can display brief information about product before asking to sign license agreement and start installation.
  • Supports license agreement dialog and ReadMe.
  • Installation can be password protected.
  • Creates uninstaller.
  • Supports branched file structure under base installation directory. Extracts files to assigned paths and to Windows system directories.
  • Creates shortcuts in Start Menu, icons on Desktop and on "Quick Launch" bar, if desired.
  • Runs selected file after installation, if desired.
  • Makes new or modifies existing system Registry entries. Special date/time stamp setting is available. It makes possible to create installation that expires after predefined term. 
  • Registers COM-servers included in installation, unregisters them during uninstallation.
  • Makes new or modifies existing entries in system ini-files or in included in installation.
  • Customizable dialogs.
  • Contains internal static dependencies checker.
  • Creates one executable setup package containing archived files and small size extractor program.
  • Allows performing any advanced custom action before and after extracting files by calling specified function from user-provided DLL.


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