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SpyGuru Toolbox for 32-bit programmer. Integrates a large quantity of original utilities.
InstallitEasy Simple and effective tool for creating installations.
Scrape Program introduces a new way to manipulate computer with mouse.
SitesSaver Saves contents of Web sites for future offline use from desktop PC, notebook, PDA.
ForPasC Programming language converter. Converts FORTRAN to C, C++, Pascal. Free

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The program consists of four main parts:

System Monitor. Using this component  you can monitor dozens of counters, like memory, resources, etc., including ones you define. With this component you can recover and defragment  computer's free RAM - either manually or as a scheduled task.
Processes/Modules/Windows. This component gives you a list of modules (DLLs) used by selected processes and a list of windows created by them.
It provides clear views of their properties, environment, allows terminating processes and releasing DLLs.
You can easy find any window and capture it with the finder tool. Capture of most 'true' menus is also available.
You can inject your function into a selected process in several ways.
Messages. The component lets to spy messages processed by a selected window and send them to it.

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Files. The component contains a powerful Hex-editor, a resources viewer, it allows retrieval of information about file properties, changes in file system, import/export tables of executable files, dependencies, etc.
You can compare ini-files, registry's snapshots,  compare binary files, make search/replace operations, deleting inside them. The Hex-editor has a remarkable feature: it allows "structural" viewing of binary files. 

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InstallItEasy is simple in use but quite powerful setup generator.

You will find it nice and useful if your goal is to distribute file set to desired locations on client's computer, create shortcuts to some application files, make the necessary Registry records, register COM-servers, automatically generate uninstaller program, etc. InstallItEasy generates one small-size executable setup making spreading it over the Web very suitable.

As a serious software developer, you will find that InstallItEasy provides capabilities similar to the most powerful and very expensive setup generators. At the same time it is especially designed to solve most frequent problems appearing in setup generation in easiest way.

Trial version is functioning exactly as registered one except it marks setups as "created by unregistered version".

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You know what is click, double-click. Why not to use "Scratch" or "Scrape" in the similar way?

"Scratch" is quite quick mouse movement similar to drag-drop (i.e. with button pressed). The program recognizes four scratch types: North-East, North-West, South-West and South-East for each mouse button .

You can assign command to each scratch to call specific application or chose from predefined actions. Among them - minimizing  and restoring all applications, even hiding all applications or the one... Isn't it nice and convenient sometimes to do this with a stroke of the mouse instead of feverish seeking of "close" button?

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SitesSaver allows to save contents of Web sites on local drive for future use from desktop PC, notebook, PDA, any time when you are offline. 

Many filters are available: total download size, total time, maximum file size, specific extensions. You can specify  depth of processing sites, require to save pages only from selected site, etc.

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A majority of the basic mathematical and scientific algorithms have been written in the FORTRAN program language. Using the ForPasC converter, you can make very simple translations of such source codes to more modern Borland Pascal or Borland Turbo C or C++ languages. Porting to other versions of Pascal or C will require some changes because of usage of specific units, libraries and header files. The converter was written assuming source code syntax, close to FORTRAN-77.

Created in 1990-1991, ForPasC is a reliable real-mode DOS program. It can be used under recent Windows platforms and on most of processors.

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